Tuesday, December 8, 2009

James Howard heads to Iraq

James Howard, Flotilla 16-07, is headed out for another trip to Iraq.  Here's the story from TV12 news:

A local radio and tv personality also left for Iraq Sunday.

Sunny 92.3's and WDEF News 12 This Morning's traffic reporter James Howard is on his way to visit local troops from the 2-52nd out of Cleveland.
A lot of supporters came to see him off on his 4th trip.
James got on a plane Sunday afternoon headed first to Charlotte, then Washington, and straight to Kuwait, where he'll meet up with the military.

James says it's hard to leave his family, but he know his trips support the soldiers and their loved ones.

He says, "I talk to soldiers, and it's a big thing for them to see just a normal guy that they're used to hearing on the radio or seeing on television. Just a normal guy from their home town come in and eat chow with them, you know. It's a opportunity for me to let our community know what these men and women are doing for our country and for the country of Iraq."

James will be gone for two weeks.
He'll meet the local unit in a few days.
Listen for his trip updates on the morning show.