Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In memory of Coast Guard crew CG-1705

This Friday, 6 NOV 2009, a memorial service will be held at Air Station Sacramento to honor the 7 Guardians and 2 Marines lost in the tragic mid-air collision off the coast of California.
We members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary should all take a minute to remember the sacrifices made by all members of Team Coast Guard, both past and present.

This Friday fly a Coast Guard flag if you have one or fly your National Ensign in remembrance.
The National Ensign will remain at half mast at all Coast Guard Stations until Friday.

Lieutenant Commander Che J. Barnes; age 35

Lieutenant Adam W. Bryant; age 28

Chief Petty Officer John F. Seidman; age 43

Petty Officer Second Class Carl P. Grigonis; age 35

Petty Officer Second Class Monica L. Beacham; age 29

Petty Officer Second Class Jason S. Moletzsky; age 26

Petty Officer Third Class Danny R. Kreder II; age 22.

The names of the missing Marines are Major Samuel Leigh, age 35, and First Lieutenant Thomas Claiborne, age 26.