Saturday, August 1, 2009

Navy Sea Cadets Train at Chattanooga SSD

The Navy Sea Cadets is a program for 11-17 yr olds sponsored by the Navy League, and supported by the US Navy and US Coast Guard. When I showed up to cover this event I had already set myself for a bunch of loud, hyper, slightly disruptive kids. You know - teenagers. I could never have been more wrong in my preconception. What an incredible group of young men and one young woman. These kids were impressive. From the sharpness of their morning formation to the questions they would answer in class it quickly became clear this was no ordinary group of children. The pride they take in their organization and their eagerness to learn is second to none. I overheard at least one of the Cadets express his interest in becoming a CG officer. Perhaps we in the Auxiliary should take a look and see what we might be able to do to become an involved part of the Sea Cadet program.

The class was taught by Chief Smith of the USCGR with assistance from several crew of the USCGC Ouachita. The subject of the 2-day class was Fire Fighting and Damage Control.

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