Thursday, July 2, 2009

Two New Patrols in July 2009

I received a call from Rebecca Thomas of the "VOL State Rescue Squad regarding two new events in our AOR in July. The Rescue Squad is asking for Coast Guard Auxiliary on-water support for these events. The first is Sunday, 12 July, for a Triathelon at Ross Landing beginning at 0700 through approximately 1130. We have supported this type of event before but always on the upstream side of the dam. The second event is on Saturday, 18 July, on Possum Creek. This will involve several private boats pulling handicaped kids on wakeboards, skis, etc. giving them a chance to enjoy watersports. The tows will begin at the Lutheran Camp and extend into the main part of Possum Creek both up and downstream. They ask that we keep boat traffic away from them and wakes down; our normal traffic control. I don't have a schedule for this event at this time but will get it soon. These are very worthwhile events and will be repeated, if successful, in future years.

I will be asking for a minimum of two boats and crews for each of these events and, of course, patrol orders will be generated.

Ray veldman, SO-OP

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