Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tall Ships in Charleston SC

Now while I wouldn't normally post my vacation details on the Division blog, this trip involved so much Coast Guard and Auxiliary exposure that I felt I'd share a few thoughts and photos. Think of it as a glimpse into what our fellow Auxiliarists are doing in other places.

We traveled to Charleston SC to see the Tall Ships on display at Charleston' s Harbor Fest, 26-29 JUN 2009. Besides helping the Coast Guard maintain a 50 ft security zone around the Tall Ships, members of Div 12, 7th District, also helped clear the center of the harbor several times for the airshows overhead. Alan Miles, VFC 12-8, spent his time on deck of the USCGC Eagle showing the guests his knot tying skills in the sweltering heat and humidity. The local CG base had the 87 ft cutter, Yellowfin, 75 ft Construction Tender, Anvil, (which looks a lot like our own cutter, Ouachita, although it's 10 ft longer), and 3 or 4 SAFE boats. The numerous, well manned auxiliary facilities had the area well covered.

Note the Key West patrol facility.
What an outstanding choice for an Auxiliary vessel!
(yes, it is the same as my boat . . . )
One interesting plus was on Saturday morning when we went to see the Civil War submarine, Hunley, currently undergoing restoration in North Charleston. The Cutter Eagle was holding a Change of Command ceremony that day and the commander of the Charleston CG base had brought Rear Admiral Steve Branham of the 7th Coast Guard District to see the museum and we got to take the tour together with them. It was a great week with Coast Guard everywhere around!

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