Thursday, June 18, 2009

Div 16 Chattanooga starts a blog

In a world that is an avalanche of technology, the blog may very well replace the newsletter, both printed and digital. This is a great way to get information out quickly, with photos and graphics, and not have to worry about having current email addresses for all members. We can set certain members to be "authors" on this blog and they can write their own stories, post their photos, and any member may enter their comments for each of the stories.

Take a look at this and give it some thought. I could write a story on my "C" school in San Diego, add a few nice photos, and publish it in the next newsletter - and three months from now you can read it. With this blog, however, I could have written the story, added my photos, added some video, and published it all on this blog -- all before leaving California. Now that's progress.

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