Friday, June 26, 2009

Leadership Summit held at SSD Chattanooga

Thursday night a Leadership Summit was held at the Chattanooga SSD involving Auxiliary, active duty Coast Guard and USCG Reserves. The idea was to bring together leaders from the three groups to discuss many issues and to provide input on how we can do a better job of being truly, Team Coast Guard. District 08E COMO Dave Maul and Jim Myers, DCDR Div 16 represented the Auxiliary along with other elected officers. The active duty Coast Guard was represented by Tony Economy from the Cutter Ouachita, Josh McTaggert from MSD Nashville, Bradford Clark from Sector Ohio Valley, John Samoulis from SSD Chattanooga, and Gary Petty USCG Reserves. Several other active duty Coasties were present and two, Aaron Boykin and Brad VanHoose, did an outstanding job on the grill! Many great ideas were swapped and now it's up to use to get them into operation. Similar events such as this are planned for the future so we can all get to know each other a lot better and work together more.

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